Thomas Bjelland in the studio, thankful for the 25 years of collaboration (plus another 10 prior in small agencies) with many talented and diligent individuals, and forward companies in producing meaningful and top-shelf work.


commemorates twenty-five years of creative Graphic Design and Artwork with the launch of THOMASBJELLAND.COM, a website dedicated to presenting original Creative Content in the initial form of Book production (to start with!) with the aim of publishing works collaboratively.

Some of these original projects have been in the development stage for many years–and with the recent events of local and global lock-down and ample studio immersion–have been dusted-off from the bulging “ideas-file-cabinet” and brought forth to content fruition. Writing,
Photography, Illustration (Analog & Digital), Design and Production–all fun skills–and it is with earnest endeavor that all are produced and presented with the same high standards and dedication to quality that has been the driving hallmark of the studio these two-and-a-half decades.

“I’m fortunate to have diversity in certain creative skills, and with the recent atmosphere of strife and uncertainty from many angles, am extremely grateful that these projects came out as good as I had imagined (to me so-far anyways!) in the original idea forms that had me working on their behalf. And most importantly in this light–with respect to creative expression in these times–I’ve felt the need for truth and authenticity to be communicated at the fore-front–all else seemingly falling to the wayside as decorative and nearly frivolous (if not still disciplined) exercise.” Thomas Bjelland Costa Mesa, CA 2022

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Creative Content

Book Design & Production

Graphic Design

Art Direction 


Artwork (various media)

Storyboarding & Presentation

Fabric & Screenprint (Apparel) Graphics

Creative Content Provider for Original Projects

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